Rallye Events

Northern Virginia Corvette Club puts on several rallyes throughout the year, and are always looking for ideas or members to plan their own rallye ideas. Check out below for some past photos, FAQs, and other info.

Easter Rallye

What is a Rallye?  Gimmick rallying is a scientific exercise in understanding and executing rules and instructions as they occur along a pre-defined course. You don't need a great deal of equipment, and the whole family can come out and enjoy the activity. Road rallying can best described as a board game on wheels. Just like in a board game, you get a set of rules, when you first register for the event. These rules govern the actual play of the event. Instead of rolling dice, on a road rallye you get a set of route instructions that tell you how and where to turn. Simple on the surface, but a road rallye is designed by a devious Rallyemaster, who has the personal job of trying to trick you into doing things wrongly. The endpoint is usually a restaurant in the area where all participants gather for a little socializing while the Rallyemaster tallies up the scores to announce the results. Poker Rallyes are combined with the collection of playing cards during the course of the rallye for winners of the high and low hands.

Click here to view a sample rallye general instructions worksheet
Click here to view a sample rallye route instructions worksheet
Click here to view a sample rallye tie-breaker questions worksheet
Click here for photos of past Rallyes

Email our Rallye Chair with questions about this type of events.

Visit our Cools Links Tab, under Information, to view links to performance driving clubs and schools, other local performance car clubs to Ralllye with, and other event information.
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