Northern Virginia Corvette Club has a great history of High Performance and Autocross Events. We also participate with other local clubs’ and venues’ HPDEs & AutoXs. Below are some frequently asked questions and links to information, such as our Tech sheet. Also check out our Information tab for more information and FAQs about these events.

What is a HPDE?  At a HPDE (High Performance Drivers Education) you learn to drive your car on a road-course racetrack as if you were a professional driver, although this is NOT a timed event. Novices and Intermediates have instructors sitting beside them at all times to guide you as you learn to drive at race speeds, as well as classroom instruction. It is as safe an environment as you can get to learn how to drive on a road racetrack. You will be taught to drive as close to race speeds in the straights and turns as you can while maintaining safety. Corner workers with flags, ambulances and wreckers maintain safety. Your car has to pass a technical inspection as well. This can become seriously addicting as you progress and transition to driving smoothly on a racetrack at race speeds. You are not expected to drive like Mario Andretti by the end of a session, but you will get a good idea of what all is involved in HPDEs (and racing).

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What is Autocrossing?  Autocrossing is a timed speed event - your chance to drive your car to its (or your) limits! The risk to you and your car are minimized, as your car is the only one on the racecourse at any one time. Timing lights record your time through a race-course, down to the thousandth of a second. Cars are divided into classes based on the year of the car and the extent of modifications. No modifications are required, and any car/driver is welcome to join in on the speed, challenge and camaraderie. Racing is not that hard on the car, that's what it was built for! There is a low-speed autocross which is most commonly conducted with pylons on an open parking lot course and does not reach high rates of speed (80 mph for modified Group 2 cars). A high-speed autocross is a more serious speed event most often held on a racetrack (like Summit Point) where most all cars travel faster and where the drivers must possess a High Speed License issued through a driving school (HPDE) or from professional instructors.

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