C³: Car Control Clinic

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What is C3? C3 (which stands for Car Control Clinic) is Northern Virginia Corvette Club's adult driving school program. This is a whole day of excitement.

Our highly experienced instructors ride with you to provide one-on-one instruction for specific car control exercises.  This individualized coaching allows you to learn your pace and drive at your comfort level.You will be assigned to one of three groups: beginners with no experience, intermediate drivers, and advanced drivers that have previous track experience.

During the morning session, you and your instructor will experience three different skill stations:  threshold breaking, a wet circular skid pad, and a slow speed serpentine course defined by rubber pylons.  The experiences you gain here are directly transferrable to you daily commute.

During the afternoon session, your instructor will help introduce you to the basic techniques for driving on a race track: proper braking, entry to the turn, the apex, and how to properly exit the turn.  Speeds are limited to a maximum of 80 MPH.  Again, our individualized coaching allows you to learn your pace and drive at your comfort level.  Passing is allowed but only under strict guidelines and never in a turn. The afternoon session is a skill session and NOT a racing session. 

Amaze your friends and baffle your coworkers with all your newfound driving skills!

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